Jazz, Blues, Funk Music in Stockholm.

Som’thin’ with Mallika | Live Music with Style and Charisma. Som’thin’ plays Jazz, Blues & Funk. Original tunes and covers of Tom Waits, Melody Gardot, Lizz Wright, Willie Dixon, Buddy Guy and many more. The dynamic and atmosphere we create on stage as well as in the audience is high. Som’thin’ can be big or small. We either play as a Full Band – Bass, Drums, Keyboards, Accordion, Guitar, Vocals and Percussion – or in a Smaller setting; usually Bass, Guitar, Vocals and Percussion. Sometimes with an invited guest musician. How we set up the band depends on the venue, space and what best serves the audience. Full band and smaller setting are equally nice – and different in a nice way. What the audience say: ”Rhythm is the first word that comes to mind. Next is originality, followed by joy, variety, great sound, coordination, a comfortable voice, professionalism, relaxing, pleasant…”
”I know I’m getting to hear tunes I recognize in a totally new way, and lot I never heard before. The slow tempo songs makes me want to lean back in a nice chair and just feel good. I really like the tone of the music and the rhythmics as well as your professional behaviour on stage.”
”Harmony, pleasant, easy accessible, warm voice, congruent, a genuine performance. Very nice!”
Mallika says: ”I’m passionate about music and lyrics that matters to me. My mission is to do them justice while being authentic and fully alive on stage. I’m an adventurous explorer. I much enjoy dropping the need to be perfect in favor of having fun. I love rhythms, all kinds of percussion and I like variety. Above all I love to interact with the audience in a relaxed and playful way. Sometimes I’m even lucky to help create a difference in someone’s day”

Stockholm is our home.
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